Get OpenDeploy Version

When doing an upgrade of any Interwoven Software package, it is always handy to know what version you are upgrading from.  This will allow you to plan your upgrade path according to the current version installed.  Finding the exact OpenDeploy version can be quite tricky.  Below is a way to get the latest OpenDeploy version [...]

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Installation Tips

From my experience there are a few things to bear in mind when installing Interwoven Software.  These include Always install your software as administrator or full root (for solaris/Linux).  In respects to root access it must be full root not any sppof such as sudo. At the lease su root would be acceptable.  There have [...]

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OpenDeploy 6.2 Service failing to start

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 OpenDeploy Version: 6.2 I was involved in a project where I had just OpenDeploy 6.2 on a Linux environment.  However, the service would not start up. The error message appearing in od.log;   Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /local/bin/interwoven/opendeploy/OpenDeployNG/jre/bin/libiwdeploy.so: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5: version `GLIBCPP_3.2.2' not found (required by /local/bin/interwoven/opendeploy/ OpenDeployNG/jre/bin/libiwdeploy.so) We had installed the [...]

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OpenDeploy Deploy and Run Return Codes

I really struggled to find these documented so had to refer back to the 6.0 OpenDeploy manuals to find the below information. Return Code Name Description -2 LOG_ELEMENT_ABORT The result of the action was to signal the deployment to do a hard abort in which the deployment stops immediately. If the deployment was transactional, the [...]

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Fixing the OpenDeploy “IWDirent::Mkdir failed” error

Whilst running an OpenDeploy deployment that usually works no problem, I encountered the following below error. "ERROR: IWDirent::Mkdir failed, err=30" ERROR: /iwmnt/default/main/www/example/WORKAREA/Content could not be created. ERROR: Failed deploying local_directory[0] (/iwmnt/default/main /test/WORKAREA/Content) to (/iwmnt/default/main/www/ example/WORKAREA/Content) ERROR: Failed 1 of 1 local_directories SOLUTION I created the target "Content" workarea in the above case and then this [...]

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OpenDeploy 6.2.0 working with LiveSite 3.0.2

I wrote a post recently regarding how to install LiveSite 3.0.2 with OpenDeploy 6.1.1 and TeamSite 6.7.1 SP1 http://www.littleforest.co.uk/articles/livesite302-installation/ This post expands on the post written above where by you get OpenDeploy 6.0.2 to work with LiveSite 3.0.2 and TeamSite 6.7.1 SP1. As long as you follow the process stated in the post above you [...]

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LiveSite OpenDeploy access

If you wish to change the user of 'livesite-od' after installation you can do so by going to C:InterwovenTeamSitelocalconfiglibcontent_centerlivesite_customer_src etcconflivesite_customeropendeploy.properties Here you will be able view and change the user account information

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OpenDeploy Licensing Errors

If your experiencing trouble with OpenDeploy starting up and are seeing ‘ERROR: LicenseException: Bad host name’ errors in the OpenDeployNG/od.log file, this post will help resolve the issue. To get your domain name and host name, on the Command Line type: <Your OpenDeploy Home Directory>OpenDeployNGjrebin>java -cp <Your OpenDeploy Home Directory>opendeploynglibodng.jar com.interwoven.license.LicInfo -f <ODlic.log> -p OD [...]

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Sudo commands for TeamSite and OpenDeploy

On UNIX servers it is useful to have ‘sudo’ setup in order to not always have to use or get ‘root’ access. The below lists should help with the kind of commands you typically want to setup to be run under ‘sudo’. Interwoven Commands for TeamSite and OpenDeploy Base Server: /etc/rc3.d/S99iw.local stop /etc/rc3.d/S80iwod60 stop [...]

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Common OpenDeploy Errors

This page is created to hold Common OpenDeploy errors with their possible causes. It was originally based on a Interwoven Support article but I have updated and extended this to include more and newer errors. Where there is more than one possible cause, this is noted as #1 and #2 and so forth. ERROR: [...]

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