Dynatrace Integration

Is Uptime really affecting your customers? Here at LFi we are all striving to give our customers new innovative features and our latest Enterprise Integration is no different. Uptime and web performance is without a doubt one of the most important KPI’s to leading digital success. Dynatrace give very precise monitoring of [...]

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Salesforce Pardot Integration

Salesforce Pardot Integration It’s an exciting time for LFi with lots of new Enterprise Integrations and Pardot for Email Digital Campaign Monitoring is one of our favourites! With Pardot being the leading email marketing automation platform for our customers, we wanted to make sure they could track their email analytics alongside [...]

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Cookie Policy what happens if I say “No”?

  Cookie Policy what happens if I say “No”? Our Challenge A couple of days ago one of our large multi-national customers asked me an unusual question. She is based in our customer’s Asian HQ office and deploying a new EU Cookie Policy component for the European websites. Her German team when reviewing [...]

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Changes to the law around 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers

  Changes to the law around 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers We found out from one of our customers on Monday that a new law has come into force in the UK since 13th June 2014 around Customer Service telephone numbers. It is now illegal to provide a new 0845, 0870 or similar [...]

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BSI Optimisation Success Story

Had some great news today in reading a press release from HP around one of our favourite customer Success Stories, BSI (British Standards Institute). The article describes the significant increase in online bookings that the company have experienced since implementing HP Optimost Testing software. "The overall effect of these tests in monetary terms was [...]

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Comparison of Captcha tools

  Comparison of Captcha tools We reviewed several popular Captcha tools for a customer and are now sharing this free whitepaper. Please do let us know if you recommend any other similar tools and why… I hope you find this useful. You can download the PDF here … Comparisons of Captcha Solutions by Little [...]

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Eversheds International Platform Launch

Little Forest are delighted to announce the highly successful launch of the new Eversheds web platform. The new platform boasts the latest software from HP Autonomy and supports over 30 countries globally. Eversheds partnered with Little Forest in October 2012 to modernise and re-launch their prime web property eversheds.com The project ran for 3 months [...]

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Tesco Baby Club Launch!

  Little Forest are delighted to announce the hugely successful launch of the new Tesco Baby Club website running on HP Autonomy LiveSite. The project has been delivered precisely on time, in scope and in budget from our original promise to Tesco. We are immensely proud of the entire team across Tesco, Forward Group and Little Forest. The project [...]

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British Airways Launch!

  Little Forest is very proud to announce the successful launch of ba.com onto the Autonomy LiveSite Platform. The pilot site is the Las Vegas microsite which can be viewed here. Little Forest have been working closely with British Airways since the start of the project. We have provided guidance on the high level design [...]

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