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Achieving good Website Governance standards is a big task for any team. With so many different areas to work on, it can be a daunting task knowing where to start.

The Little Forest tool helps you locate and prioritise these tasks. There are loads of ways your websites email addresses could be negatively be affecting your site find out more.

LFi give’s you a full Content Inventory including the number of email addresses on your site:

email management tile

You can easily look through and see which need amending, filtering on specific emails or names:

Email Feature Search Bar

With all the referencing pages listed you can easily delegate tasks like this within your Digital Team and re-run the report to see the great work that’s been done to get these in order.

Email Address Referencing Pages

Key Features

  • Instant Visibility Across Your Entire Site

  • Easy Monitoring Over Time

  • Improved User Experience and Website Quality

  • No More Lost Leads

Getting your Emails neat and functional has never been easier!

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