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Rest Easy with LFi Revenue Reporting

Here at Little Forest we understand that Revenue Reporting can be incredibly complex but it doesn’t have to be. With our new Revenue Reporting feature you can easily understand your figures and share success across teams and product lines.

Revenue reporting helps in many ways beyond analysing financial ratios and margins, it has the potential to unlock insights hidden in your own data.

The new Revenue Reporting feature with Google Analytics allows you load all of this important data into easy to understand dashboards, giving you lightning speed reports at a glance. Get not only your team but the whole organisation on the same page, export important insights and much much more, here’s how.

Our Little Forest dashboard pulls in all your data from Google Analytics so you can quickly spot correlating strands across all your traffic.

You can unselect data points on the graph to compare specific metrics, hover over the graph to get exact figures and even save graphs to look at, at a later date.

Revenue by channel your number one interest? We have even put everything in a table so you can quickly compare figures with whichever date range is of interest to you and don’t worry we can change the currency to meet your needs.

One of LFi’s main goals is to help businesses beyond just signal site monitoring, we are interested in benchmarking sites against each other and this feature is no different.

Using the ‘Revenue’ tab you can look at financial data across the whole business in seconds.

Change the dates, change the view to monthly or by channel, hide columns to get more specific and export to share your findings with your team.

Now if we go into the report settings you can see it’s easy to set the currency rate or budget/goals so it is simple to monitor progress and for your team to have a clear understanding of what they are working towards.

You can set Targets, Budgets and Conversion rates to automatically track site revenues against.

Knowing how much revenue is coming by Channel is incredibly important to planning future marketing and digital campaigns.

LFi lets you quickly see how your site benchmarks against the others for each channel. If you notice one site is particularly successful on a channel you can use these insights to improve and plan.

Still want more? So do we! If you go to the ‘Search’ tab you see a in depth view of your Organic Revenue across all of your sites. Pretty neat huh?

Unlock your data to drive digital success, many clients who use LFi have seen correlation between digital improvement and increased revenue.

  • Get your team on the same page

  • Include any stores or sites regardless of your platform

  • Set targets and monitor progress

  • See profit and loss of your traffic by channel

  • See Month on Month and Year on Year performance

Revenue reporting for everyone. Give LFi a try today!

Get your free Revenue Reporting today

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