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Multi-Nationals Digital Reporting Dashboards

How do you do your Digital Reporting today?

Does it feel like you are constantly creating Spreadsheets?

Spending hours every week merging and updating?

Are you worried about mistakes in your data?

With Little Forest’s index (LFi’s) tailored Digital Reporting Dashboards Service for multi-nationals, hours of manual input will be a thing of the past. We automate your requirements down to the finest detail, no matter where your data is from or how you want it to look. You can also export all your data in seconds.

You’ll never have to worry about data inconsistencies again.

Goodbye manual input, goodbye spreadsheets.

Hello LFi Dashboards!

We can help by adding structure to your Digital Success Monitoring, with our simple three step process.

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The Little Forest index (LFi)

The LFi index is a two digit number that is a result of a reporting tool created by Little Forest to assist in addressing key areas of web performance.

Management are able to continuously monitor the various departments that are responsible for different aspects of success and assess their performance against the index.

As the LFi is a continuous process, any changes to the web success that need to be addressed will be alerted to management immediately through the report or managed service provided by Little Forest.

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An integral element of the digital reporting dashboards is the ranking against the LFi.

The rank is a grade, on a 100 points scale, that represents your web success effectiveness. The algorithm is based on 60 criteria, including search engine data, website structure, site performance, and others.

The LFi can also incorporate your own data points for integration into the report.

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Multi-National Governance Table


Uniqueness of LFi

The following compelling features make LFi unique in terms of delivering benefits to business:

  • The fullest inventory of your website available from any tool. We show you every file, every reference on your website

  • Content plus Code search find what is supposed to be on each page (and what is not there that should be!)

  • Designed from the ground up for multiple website comparisons, perfect for Multi-nationals and multi-brand companies

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Content Insights

Various reports are available on asset usage of your websites – identifying the location and frequency of assets as well as their impact on the general performance of your websites.

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Analytics Governance

Compliance Archiving

The LFi reporting tool’s continuous monitoring activities allows the system to provide complete archiving of all monitored web pages providing a very effective archiving and retrieval of your web pages.

This can typically be used to satisfy most compliance issues required by Enterprise.

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What our users are saying

Well this is pretty impressive from my quick initial dive in. Very easy to navigate and crystal clear to understand.

I can really see the value of this tool in helping us make easy changes that will improve our web effectiveness.

That looks very good and it will be good fun to see the LFi going up after we’ve taken care of some fixes

Thanks once again for introducing LFi, I can see this being incredibly valuable.

For our content management team, this is like gold dust!