///Creating a New User

Creating a New User

1. Log into LFi using the Username and Password provided by your Administrator

Log In Here >

2. To begin, please click on the ‘Manage Users’ tab at the bottom of the page

Manage LFi Users

3. Click on ‘Add’ to create a new user

Add User to LFi

4. Insert a personalised User Name, your email and a secure password
(HOT TIP – Don’t leave any spaces)

Insert Username /Password

5.  Choose the role level appropriate to the user, either; ‘User’ or ‘Admin’ 

Admin or User

6. Select the projects that you wish your new user to see from the left box, this will transfer into the right box

Project Select

7. Once finished click ‘Add’

Add New User

8. Log out of LFi and log in using the new details. Welcome to LFi!

Log In Here >

For additional help creating users please email; support@littleforest.co.uk

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