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iwebdeamon service failing to start

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 I was involved in a recent project where I was having webdeamon issues.  The service was not starting up, and in due course TeamSite interface could not be seen on the web.  The first thing I looked at was Apache.  However seem to be installed ok, and the service seem [...]

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OpenDeploy 6.2 Service failing to start

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 OpenDeploy Version: 6.2 I was involved in a project where I had just OpenDeploy 6.2 on a Linux environment.  However, the service would not start up. The error message appearing in od.log;   Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /local/bin/interwoven/opendeploy/OpenDeployNG/jre/bin/libiwdeploy.so: /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5: version `GLIBCPP_3.2.2' not found (required by /local/bin/interwoven/opendeploy/ OpenDeployNG/jre/bin/libiwdeploy.so) We had installed the [...]

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Write errors, low disk space mentioned in the logs

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 Content Store: Located on a NFS Share mounted on version 2 I was involved in a project where TeamSite reported the following warning in the iwtrace.logs Warning: disk low    "/local/data/interwoven/iw-store/workflow"    Less than 50000 inodes (0 free of 0 inodes). Cause: This was diagnosed, and the following diagnosis was made - [...]

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Fixing the OpenDeploy “IWDirent::Mkdir failed” error

Whilst running an OpenDeploy deployment that usually works no problem, I encountered the following below error. "ERROR: IWDirent::Mkdir failed, err=30" ERROR: /iwmnt/default/main/www/example/WORKAREA/Content could not be created. ERROR: Failed deploying local_directory[0] (/iwmnt/default/main /test/WORKAREA/Content) to (/iwmnt/default/main/www/ example/WORKAREA/Content) ERROR: Failed 1 of 1 local_directories SOLUTION I created the target "Content" workarea in the above case and then this [...]

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Fixing “An error occurred while getting the page”

If you get the below issue when trying to edit or view a page in LiveSite then check whether the server has run out of disk space: "An error occurred while getting the page" In the servlet_out.log file you may also see the following: "Caused by: com.interwoven.livesite.common.business.BusinessException: Failed to get page //snt2k020/default/main/UK/WORKAREA/Content/sites/one/home.page at com.interwoven.livesite.business.BusinessPage.getTemplate(BusinessPage.java:771) at [...]

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LiveSite PageType Config Error

If you get the following error message when viewing a page in the LiveSite Runtime environment: "Error 500: Filter [runtime.filter.OpenSessionsInView]: could not be initialized" Please check the pagetype-config.xml file as this may have an error in it. This is usually located in the following folder: .../WEB-INF/conf/livesite_customer In case you have lost your working version of [...]

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OpenDeploy Licensing Errors

If your experiencing trouble with OpenDeploy starting up and are seeing ‘ERROR: LicenseException: Bad host name’ errors in the OpenDeployNG/od.log file, this post will help resolve the issue. To get your domain name and host name, on the Command Line type: <Your OpenDeploy Home Directory>OpenDeployNGjrebin>java -cp <Your OpenDeploy Home Directory>opendeploynglibodng.jar com.interwoven.license.LicInfo -f <ODlic.log> -p OD [...]

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Missing Page Layout Error

If your LiveSite page layout is missing you will see the following error on the runtime website: Error 500: Filter [runtime.filter.DispatchFilter]: filter is unavailable. To fix this copy your page layout file to the following folder: ...WEB-INF/classes/com/interwoven/xsl/runtime/

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Common OpenDeploy Errors

This page is created to hold Common OpenDeploy errors with their possible causes. It was originally based on a Interwoven Support article but I have updated and extended this to include more and newer errors. Where there is more than one possible cause, this is noted as #1 and #2 and so forth. ERROR: [...]

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