Building Market Leading Dashboards with Experian

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Want to know the household economics for your postcode in seconds? Experian have made this possible, with a little help from Little Forest.

We have been working with Experian for years and are always excited when they come to us with new projects.

They have a wealth of information stored up and it was exciting to think of the best ways in which to make this data beneficial to their customers.

Let’s take a look at the finished result. Based on the postcode you input the dashboard will work out the average disposable income.

Please note – we do not recommend buying 954 jam doughnuts!

Experian Dashboard Financial Dashboard

Next you can then see exactly what the average disposable income value is made up of:

Experian Dashboard Financial Display

Finally let’s take a look at average employment, housing and loans!

It’s great that all this data which Experian have been collecting for years can now bring their customers amazing insights.

Experian Dashboard Financial Overview

These results were based on a northern student dominated postcode and will largely differ depending on where you are base.

Check out the results of your postcode by using the dashboard here:

Household Economics

Little Forest worked with Experian to design the experience and determine what data to display. We tailor all our dashboards to your exact requirements of visual design and interaction.

Are you looking to build an interactive dashboard? We can help.

To see more dashboards we have built and discuss your needs.

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