/2017 Success Story – From 52 to 73 in Less than a Year!
2017 Success Story – From 52 to 73 in Less than a Year!2017-10-26T15:39:43+01:00
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2017 Success Story – From 52 to 73 in Less than a Year!

Improving your site isn’t an overnight task. However, one of our clients has shown just how much you can achieve in less than a year if you put your mind to it.

As a huge multinational company with multiple sites and thousands of pages knowing where to start can be daunting but that’s where LFi comes in. We worked with our client to find out their needs, customise the visualisation and support them once the system went live. It’s definitely a digital success story worth reading.

Month on month we saw improvements in the score and worked with them to upgrade their tools features. But it was through their own hard work which achieved going from a low 52 to an incredible 73 in less than a year.

But this isn’t just about a score, by drilling down into their LFi results, we are able to see how maintaining the quality of the web site had huge increase in Organic traffic- read on to see how.

Digital Deduction Graph

First let’s look at site visits overall. If we compare the traffic changes month on month, we see a great reflection in growth from 5,878 last February to over 22,800 visits in October.

Digital Discovery Graph

Now let’s dive into more detail on the channels driving traffic, the lion’s share of the traffic and the growth in traffic is from Organic search, going from 2,427 to now an astonishing 15,539 visits this January. More than doubling your Organic traffic in a year is possible and LFi can show you how.

GA Digital Discovery

This is just one of the many success stories we had this year which prove the importance of improving the quality of your site and how that increases visibility and grows market share with Organic growth. Don’t underestimate the power you have, like our client you can make the same improvements to your site.

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